A Typical Session

We believe that children learn best through self directed play. We allow children numerous opportunities for free flow play where children can mix with friends of different ages and flow between both rooms and the outdoor learning environment. This promotes independence, allows them to experience a variety of activities and also enables them to learn from their peers. We also have some directed time where children sit down together. This promotes speaking and listening and adult led learning opportunities.

Typical morning and afternoon sessions are shown below. 

Morning Session

Flexible intake/arrival

Free flow play

Register/ Circle time focus


Free flow indoor and outdoor play


Home time

Afternoon Session

Arrival / Register / Circle time focus / songs

Free flow indoor/outdoor play


Free flow play

Home time / Flexible pick up

Circle time focus sessions may include: stories, learning letter sounds(phonics), weather board and show and tell. Maths and phonics learning also happens in small adult led groups and during independent play throughout the sessions.