With effect from 2nd November 2020, the management of Wheatfields Nursery transferred from Wheatfields Nursery Association to Wheatfields Primary School. The information on this website may no longer be up to date. Please contact the nursery (01480) 494960 for any queries.


We endeavor to keep in touch regularly to inform you of news and events.

Welcome to Nursery

Staff always welcome you and your child at the door upon arrival at nursery. During this time parents and carers may share any information about their child as necessary. Staff are happy to share key information relating to your child's nursery session with you when you collect them at home time.


We send home a newsletter each half term which contains nursery and committee news and event information.


We send various information in letters via your child's school bag. These often have information/permission slips to sign and return to nursery.

Progress Report

We send home a progress report for each child at the end of the summer term. This contains information on your child's achievements and strengths throughout the year and also contains some learning targets to work towards. We send this home with a reply slip and look forward to reading your comments about your child's report.

Outdoor Noticeboard

There is an outdoor noticeboard on the wall, at the bottom of the ramp. The information on this board can include: event details, term dates, committee meeting dates, snack list and other information.

Indoor Noticeboards

There are a variety of displays in the cloakroom area where you can find information about the health visiting team and child services available in the area, committee information including current committee members, meeting minutes and the next meeting agenda, etc.